CHR Solutions

9700 Bissonnet; Suite 2800
Houston TX 77036

Jason Malmquist, SVP Sales

CHR is a leading provider of engineering, billing software, and managed IT services. Our legacy was built by providing comprehensive services to communication service providers (telco ISP, cableco, Utilities, municipalities) for all of their network and business needs.

We have taken that broad knowledge and created specialized programs, most notable being Outside Plant, FTTx, wireless, access equipment, network and switching design. Our expertise is your advantage:

• 75 years in the business
• Professional Engineers certified in 44 states
• Engineered over 600 digital and next-generation switches
• Surpassed 1 million FTTx passings designed
• Engineering provider for several Connect America Fund recipients
• Sole Source Supplier (Turf) in several states for multiple clients
• Secured $1.5 billion in private, broadband stimulus, and RDUP funding
• Over 300 RUS loan designs and 100 RUS environmental reports completed


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