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CSC Leasing Company was founded in 1986 as an independent Lessor of technology equipment. We provide custom lease solutions to meet the ever-changing business and competitive needs of growing organizations – from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our clients include companies across a wide array of industries, municipalities and non-profits located throughout the Unites States.

CSC’s corporate offices are located in Richmond, Virginia and we have branch offices in Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, and the Metro DC area.


CSC’s principals bring a wealth of experience to the business and are actively involved with all transactions. Our leasing team is knowledgeable in both technology and finance. This, coupled with our hands-on personal approach, distinguishes CSC in the leasing industry and with our clients.

Leasing Solutions

Why an Operating Lease?

Leasing is increasingly becoming the preferred procurement path for users of IT equipment as they contemplate budgets, upgrade processes, and ultimately, equipment disposal. CSC provides only operating leases, otherwise known as off-balance sheet financing. The benefits of an operating lease over others include:

Preserving Cash Flow

Spread out the costs of equipment acquisitions, freeing up cash and credit lines for other operating needs.

Lowest Cost for Use of Technology

Enjoy the lowest payment options available over the course of an operating lease, while also being able to modify the lease terms, or your system configuration, based on the changing needs and demands of your business.

Accelerating Technology Refreshes

Stay on the cutting edge by incorporating technology refreshes that provide more powerful systems, help avoid costly obsolescence, and eliminate the burden of equipment disposal.

Expensing Payments vs. Capitalizing Assets

Avoid the costs of a rapidly depreciating technology on your balance sheet in favor of tailored monthly payments and the ability to expense all out-of-pocket costs on a monthly basis.


Modify your lease at any time based on the financial or technology needs of your business, and choose from several options as the lease matures.

Other Client Offerings

CSC Leasing provides a variety of technology leasing options, enabling your company to acquire equipment through a program that works best for you. Most prominent among these are:

Deferred Payment Options

This program is helpful for clients who want to take advantage of year-end vendor specials or who need critical equipment but do not have the budget to support the lease payment stream. Payments can be deferred, typically for a 90-day period.

Sale Lease Back

This is a program where CSC purchases the equipment from the customer and leases it back to them under an operating lease. This type of lease is beneficial to companies needing to recapture cash and/or restructure their balance sheets.

Step Up/Step Down Leases

This is a program where CSC will structure lease payments to accommodate a company’s cash flow projections over the lease period. Rental payments can start low and go higher, or start higher, then decrease.

Address: 216 74th, Suite C, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

FAX: 804-673-7501

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