Positron Access Solutions

Positron Access Solutions is a worldwide leader in multi-pair Copper Bonded DMT and Fiber solutions delivering 100Mbps to Gigabit Ethernet performance for the most demanding Carrier applications, including Metro Ethernet, Access Aggregation, Small Cell and DSLAM Backhaul,. Positron Access was first to deliver an 8-pair bonded VDSL2 solution supporting Vectoring, G.INP and compliant with the ITU G.991.2 recommendation. Positron Access pioneered advanced noise cancellation with its patented MIMO technology, significantly increasing achievable rates and reaches compared to other EFM solutions. Our solutions enable CLECs to leverage from next generation DSL based bonded copper technology with a seamless transition to Fiber to deliver enhanced Ethernet services to a larger footprint of subscribers. Positron Access Solutions is a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum.

Address: 5101 Buchan Street, Suite 220, Montreal, Quebec, H4P 2R9 Canada

FAX: 514-345-2271

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